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Consumer charter

APIL members are dedicated to providing the very best service possible to injured people. To reassure people about the service they can expect from our members, all of them sign up to our special consumer charter which you can see below:

  • APIL members will put your best interests first
  • APIL members will provide clear, impartial, honest advice about your case
  • APIL members will tell you if you will have to pay anything to pursue your case and, if so, how much
  • If you do have to pay to pursue your case, APIL members will charge you a fair price, with no hidden costs
  • APIL members will explain your legal position in plain language
  • APIL members who feel unable to deal with your case will act only in your best interests in suggesting a referral to another solicitor
  • APIL members will keep you updated about all aspects of your case
  • APIL members will consider other appropriate remedies as well as financial ones
  • APIL members will not cold call
  • APIL members will only publish advertisements which are accurate and truthful
  • Your welfare is our concern

APIL members also adhere to a separate code of conduct, supporting APIL’s objectives.