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Defamation is the act of damaging the reputation of a person or organisation. In most cases false statement are made either verbally (slander) or in the media (libel). In the internet age it has never been easier for people to spread negative details about others. Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms give everyone the opportunity to publish their opinions, and this occasionally leads to libellous statements being made, which can lead to litigation.

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Examples of defamation

  • Accusing someone of a crime (excluding accusation made to the police)
  • Making negative remarks about someone or an organisation
  • Knowingly printing false information which damages a reputation
  • Telling people that someone has a contagious disease

Claiming compensation for defamation

Being a victim of defamation can be very distressing especially as information is spread so quickly in the modern world. If you have been the victim of slander or libel you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Your first step should be to discuss the details of the defamation with one of our specialist accredited defamation lawyers listed on this page.

It is strongly recommended that you should consult with two or three accredited injury lawyers before making a decision on who to instruct.