Association of Personal Injury Lawyers
A not-for-profit organisation representing injured people

APIL accredited firms/chambers

Many solicitors’ firms and barristers’ chambers specialise in personal injury law. Some of them choose to work in very specific fields within personal injury, such as clinical negligence claims or workplace injury and ill health.

If there is an individual accredited lawyer in a firm or chambers, the firm or chambers can apply for corporate accreditation with APIL. To be successful, seven criteria must be fulfilled:

  • The organisation must be regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority or Bar Standards Board
  • There must be at least one accredited senior litigator (or above) at each branch who has personal responsibility for the supervision and management of personal injury cases;
  • Client care - there must be a consistently high standard of client care throughout the firm;
  • Training and development - the organisation ensures that all staff are provided with training opportunities to improve their skills and legal knowledge, and to meet the needs of clients;
  • Supervision – each senior litigator or fellow can only supervise up to ten personal injury lawyers
  • Quality assurance - there must be a comprehensive and documented procedure for who should authorise each stage of your case, and a similar procedure for how case files are reviewed
  • The organisation agrees to have its performance monitored by APIL to ensure standards are being maintained.
Injury lawyers - accredited chambers

When you search for an accredited injury lawyer on this website, a list of names and contact details will be displayed. If you see the "Accredited Personal Injury Practice" logo to the right of an individual's name, that lawyer is also a member of a corporate accredited firm. Each firm will provide an initial consultation free of charge.

Injury lawyers - accredited chambers

Accredited firms of solicitors, or barristers’ chambers, are entitled to display a special quality mark, so they are easy for you to recognise.

Just look for the logo!

Maintaining accreditation

If a firm is accredited, it must renew its accreditation every three years. A qualified and accredited professional must work at each accredited branch of a firm. APIL carries out visits to accredited firms by independent assessors to ensure that all criteria are being adhered to.

If individuals and firms do not comply with the above, they lose their accreditation.


For information on what to do should you have a complaint about an APIL member, please click here.

Personal injury lawyers interested in gaining accredited status can find further information here: view our criteria for accreditation