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Accredited injury lawyers

APIL accredited lawyers

Your APIL-accredited lawyer will provide you with legal help and advice if you have a personal injury or an illness or disease which is not your fault.

APIL accredited lawyers are committed to acting in your best interests at all times. They will explain how much compensation you may be entitled to and will give you clear and honest advice. They receive ongoing training to make sure they are always up to date with the latest developments in personal injury law and their aim is always to restore you back to your former way of life, as far as possible.

Levels of accreditation

There are different levels of accreditation which APIL lawyers can achieve depending on their experience and knowledge.

  • Usually under 5 years’ experience
  • Usually working under supervision
  • May take cases to the point of negotiated settlement, but beyond the stage of issue of proceedings is likely to be subject to close guidance from a Senior Litigator

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Senior litigator
  • Usually over 5 years’ experience
  • Run their own cases without supervision
  • Are prepared to take cases all the way to trial, if appropriate

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  • Usually over 10 years’ experience
  • Run their own cases without supervision, lead and manage staff
  • Have trial experience
  • Share knowledge with other lawyers outside the firm, eg writing books, articles, providing training, etc

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Senior Fellow
  • Open only to APIL fellows
  • Usually a minimum of 15 years’ experience
  • The highest level of accreditation, awarded only to those who can show an outstanding contribution to and accomplishment in personal injury law and practice, eg by changing the law in some way

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View our criteria for accreditation

Maintaining accreditation

Accredited individual members promise to keep up to date with all the latest legal developments to help deal with their cases successfully. They commit to 16 hours of APIL accredited training a year, APIL accredited specialists must accrue 50% of their training hours in each specialist field. Each member’s training log is rigorously vetted, along with the quality of the training to ensure that it meets APIL’s standards.

Accredited members must confirm they continue to meet the accreditation standards every five years.

If individuals and firms do not comply with the above, they lose their accreditation.


For information on what to do should you have a complaint about an APIL member, please click here.

Personal injury lawyers interested in gaining accredited status can find further information here: view our criteria for accreditation