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Accredited injury specialists

APIL specialist accreditation provides quality marks demonstrating competence and specialist expertise for solicitors who have provided evidence of their skills in running cases in the specialist areas of accident & illnesses abroad, brain injury, clinical negligence, fatal accidents, spinal cord injury and occupational/asbestos disease.

Specialist accreditation shows that an APIL accredited specialist lawyer has achieved a very high standard of expertise and competence and actually specialises in this area of the law.

Accidents & Illnesses Abroad Specialist

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Accidents and illnesses abroad specialist

Asbestos Disease Specialist

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Occupational disease specialist

Brain Injury Specialist

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Brain injury specialist lawyer

Clinical Negligence Specialist

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Clinical negligence specialist lawyer

Fatal Accidents Specialist

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Fatal accidents specialist

Occupational Disease Specialist

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Occupational disease specialist

Spinal Cord Injury Specialist

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Spinal cord injury specialist lawyer

View our criteria for accreditation

Maintaining accreditation

Accredited individual members also renew their accreditation regularly, promising to keep up to date with all the very latest legal developments to help run their cases efficiently. They commit to 16 hours of relevant APIL accredited training a year, with APIL accredited specialists needing to accrue a maximum of 50%* of their training hours in each specialist field. Each member’s training log is rigorously vetted, along with the quality of the training to ensure that it meets APIL’s standards.

Accredited members must confirm they continue to meet the accreditation standards every five years.

If individuals and firms do not comply with the above, they lose their accreditation.

*Please refer to the declaration page of each specialist portfolio.


For information on what to do should you have a complaint about an APIL member, please click here.

Personal injury lawyers interested in gaining accredited status can find further information here: view our criteria for accreditation