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The Civil Liability Bill
Catastrophically injured people should be able to be risk free investors
The amount paid to an injured person should not be dictated by the Lord Chancellor
The pain and suffering of a whiplash injury should not be underestimated
"Injury claims are not behind rising premiums. The mischief clearly lies elsewhere."
APIL president Brett Dixon

APIL is campaigning for changes to be made to the Civil Liability Bill to stop injured people suffering the biggest hit to their rights in recent memory.

There has been a whole series of reforms to personal injury over recent years, all with promises from the insurance industry that premiums will fall as a result. Premiums have not fallen before and will not fall this time. Insurers have been happy to take compulsory car insurance premiums for years. Under these measures, they will now be excused from paying full compensation to people who have been injured through no fault of their own.

The graph below clearly demonstrates that there is no basis for the argument that an increase in the discount rate, or introduction of a miserly tariff for whiplash injuries, will result in lower car insurance premiums.

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Extra pressure on NHS if Civil Liability Bill goes ahead

The NHS will be left to pick up the tab for people with catastrophic injuries if Government plans to cut injury compensation go ahead.


Civil Liability Bill debate on whiplash reform in the House of Lords - reaction from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)

Government's failure to listen to reason about plans to introduce derisory compensation tariffs for victims of whiplash injury is a blow to the fair treatment of people with genuine injuries, said Brett Dixon, president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).



Whiplash claims are out of control and are the reason car insurance premiums are rising.


The number and cost of whiplash claims are both falling. In 2016/2017 the cost of claims plummeted by 9 per cent and the number of claims fell by 10 per cent.

Source: Compensation recovery Unit (CRU) and ABI


Many whiplash claims are fraudulent or 'crash for cash' schemes.


Fraud makes up just 0.22 per cent of all motor-related claims. Personal injury fraud is just a fraction of that and whiplash-related fraud is an even smaller fraction of that.

Source: CRU and ABI (fraud figures 2017)


Lawyers have only concerned themselves with the discount rate because of the effect on their earnings.


The discount rate only applies to the compensation allocated for an injured person's losses in the future e.g. to cover the cost of nursing care and replacement wheelchairs or prosthetic limbs, and loss of earnings. This is nothing to do with how or how much the injured person's representatives are paid for their work.


The next stage of the Civil Liability Bill is House of Commons report stage and third reading - this will take place on Tuesday 23 October

The number of motor injury claims dropped by 17% in 2017/18 and is now at the lowest level since 2009/10.

This is the biggest annual fall on record.

Civil Liability Bill - car Civil Liability Bill - fact
The average car insurance premium increased by 9% between 2016 and 2017 yet the cost to insurers of all motor-related personal injury claims fell by 9% during this time.

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