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Whiplash: the evidence

All levels - 5 hours

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

With all the media hype about whiplash, APIL has put together a one day conference to investigate the real truth and causes of whiplash injuries, with the overarching objective of focusing on the evidence.

APIL practitioners are only too aware that injuries sustained from whiplash are a serious problem for the injured person. There is a lot of talk about this injury type often without reference to, let alone careful consideration of, the evidence. To establish the truth necessitates informed scrutiny.

Whiplash can take days, weeks or even months to develop. Whilst there are approaching 800,000 road accident claims being successfully concluded each year, whiplash can also occur from falls, sports injuries or even by being punched or shaken. Whiplash is caused by a motion or force that makes the neck move beyond its normal range of motion.

The main symptom is neck or upper back pain, but there are many others ranging from nausea and headaches, to severe brain injuries. APIL’s conference assembles leading experts and legal practitioners to examine the evidence and look at the overall picture medically and psychologically, as well as legally in this country, Europewide, and in Australia.

Chaired by John Spencer, Fellow of APIL, John was appointed last April to APIL’s Executive Committee and is also past chairman of the Motor Accident Solicitors Society. He has provided evidence to the parliamentary transport committee with regard to motor insurance and will open the conference by providing an overview of the political and associated activity around this issue.

Topics to be covered on the day will include:

  • The legislative and political pressures for change
  • Liability, causation and quantum
  • Soft tissue injuries, A & E and prognosis
  • Running whiplash cases in Australia
  • Whiplash: The spinal surgeon’s perspective
  • Whiplash across the European jurisdictions
  • Emotional responses to chronic pain: a cognitive-behavioural perspective


Corporate accredited firm: £200 + VAT
APIL member: £235 + VAT
Non-member: £340 + VAT

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