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Individual accreditation - counsel applicants from Scotland

Accredited Specialist Counsel in Personal Injury kitemark

Accredited Specialist Counsel in Personal Injury (ASCPI) is a personal accreditation status awarded by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers to its members. There is no requirement to have served any specified period of time to secure ASCPI status, as the time taken to develop competence will vary according to the mix of work undertaken by advocates and solicitor advocates in Scotland. Whilst it is likely that an ASCPI will devote most of their time to personal injury work, it is recognised that most advocates and solicitor advocates practice in more than one area of law.

An ASCPI is likely to have acted in a range of personal injury cases, and may specialise in the more complex and higher value cases, for example those involving clinical negligence and catastrophic injuries.

An ASCPI acts on the instructions of a solicitor to advise, draft documents, provide oral representation in meetings and to act as an advocate in court proceedings in personal injury cases so as to establish, assert and enforce the rights of an injured client in an effective and efficient manner.

Become an ASCPI in 4 simple steps

Step 1
Download the Portfolio and complete the candidate sections.
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Step 2
Identify appropriate referees; a minimum of two are required. Who can be a referee?
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Step 3
Discuss the relevant section(s) of the Portfolio with referees who complete the referee sections.
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Step 4
Discuss the relevant section(s) of the Portfolio with your referees.

Candidates should read the guidance notes for further information, and refer to the ways to accrue APIL accredited hours below, to maintain their accreditation.

Specialist Counsel Standard 

Guidance notes for assessors and candidates 

Individually accredited members - CPD training requirements