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Armed forces

Life as a soldier, sailor or airman can be very dangerous and it is inevitable that some will suffer injury at some time or other, be that as a result of say a road traffic collision, a fall from height or in combat.

Sustaining any injury can be arduous and stressful. Whilst these experiences can be physically distressing, concerns regarding your future health, your career and finances can be extremely worrying. We know that money helps, but good rehabilitation with the aim of returning you to the front line is also essential.

If you have suffered an injury or illness whilst in the armed forces you may be entitled to investigate and make a claim for compensation. Specialist armed forces lawyers listed on this page will be able to provide you with advice on your particular circumstances. We recommend you seek their advice without delay.

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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) like any employer is responsible for the health and safety of all members of the Regular and Territorial Army, Royal Navy or RAF wherever they are deployed around the world. If you have been injured or suffered illness whilst on or off duty, you enjoy the same legal right enjoyed by civilians to seek compensation.

With the help of one of APIL's specialists you can investigate and bring a civil claim for damages. Typical scenarios are:

  • Training exercises in the UK and overseas
  • Operations, including aviation and naval incidents
  • Diseases and illnesses contracted by exposure to chemicals and dangerous substances, including noise induced hearing loss
  • Faulty weapons and equipment
  • Injuries suffered as a result of poor training and instruction
  • Parachuting incidents
  • Injuries suffered in the gym and on the assault course
  • Medical negligence in military and civilian hospitals
  • Sporting and adventure training injuries
  • Road traffic accidents, in the UK and overseas

Our specialists also advise upon inquests and military investigations into fatalities, in the UK and overseas.

Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS)

You may also be entitled to claim money through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS). This scheme applies, in addition, to the ordinary legal rights of a service man or woman to claim compensation from the person responsible for their injury. Awards provided under this scheme are subject to a fixed tariff.

Under the scheme, it is not necessary to show that the accident, injury or illness happened because of someone else’s negligence. Successful claimants receive an award that will reflect the likely impact on future earnings, in addition to the award for the injury.

You may make a civil claim for compensation in addition to a one made through the AFCS.

Can I make a claim before I leave the armed forces?

You do not have to wait until you leave the armed forces to make a claim for compensation against the MoD. Normally you have only 3 years to settle any claim or commence court proceedings. Many fail to make a claim at all, having been misinformed about their rights. We know only too well that bringing a military injury claim, or even speaking to a lawyer about bringing a claim, can be seen as a daunting prospect. The fact is that no matter how serious or minor the injury, if you were not responsible for what occurred, you should seek compensation.

It is strongly recommended that you should consult with two or three accredited injury lawyers before making a decision on who to instruct.