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Injury Prevention Day - 16 August 2017

APIL’s members are committed to campaigning for reform to improve the law for injured people so that, when the worst happens, people can exercise their right to seek justice, care and fair compensation. But we would all prefer for people not to be injured needlessly in the first place.

The third Wednesday in August (16 August 2017) is Injury Prevention Day, when APIL wants people to think about what they can do to help prevent harm.

This year our focus is on safer driving practices in an attempt to reduce the number of low-speed collisions on UK roads. We have 50 per cent more traffic on our roads than the European average - this, coupled with dangerous habits like getting too close to the car in front, creates a recipe for collisions and injuries.

Our long-running anti-tailgating campaign Back Off has been relaunched with a brand new animated video.

You can share the Back Off messages on social media at @APIL on Twitter and

We welcome and encourage others to get involved in Injury Prevention Day 2017 with their own messages and campaigns. We can support each other to avoid needless harm. Use the hashtag #IPDay17.