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APIL manifesto

General Election 2019: APIL Manifesto

We all have the right to live our lives without fear of needless injury, whether that is at work, at school, in hospital, or on the road. In this election we want parliamentary candidates to think about how needless injuries can be avoided, and what can be done by the Government and MPs to make our workplaces, hospitals and roads safer.

This is why we're asking parliamentary candidates to become champions for the prevention of needless injuries.

But when the worst does happen, it is vital that we have a justice system which works for, and not against injured people. Too many people are let down by our justice system simply because they don't have the right type of disease, or because their relationship with a loved one who has died isn't recognised by the Government as being close or loving enough.

We need a civil justice system which is fairer for injured people and bereaved families, and we want candidates to:

  • support the modernisation of the law on bereavement damages in England and Wales, bringing it in line with the law in Scotland;
  • support the creation of a fund of last resort for sufferers of asbestos-related diseases;
  • commit to ensure injured people receive full and fair compensation.

Read more about these issues in APIL's full manifesto by clicking the link below:

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APIL manifesto

For more information, please contact:

Sam Ellis
Public Affairs Officer
0115 943 5426
Lorraine Gwinnutt
Head of Public Affairs
0115 943 5404