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Press room topic: Bereavement damages

Bereaved families must not be sidelined in coroner plans13/01/2022Press releaseBereavement damages, Fairness for families
Northern Ireland bereavement law is out of touch08/11/2021Letter to the pressBereavement damages, Fairness for families
Bereavement laws for fathers are outdated21/10/2021Letter to the pressAPIL News, Bereavement damages, Fairness for families
Government must act now on bereavement damages law14/05/2021Press releaseAPIL News, Bereavement damages
Laws on bereavement “woefully” out of date28/04/2021Press releaseBereavement damages, Fairness for families
Reactionary statement following inflationary increase to bereavement damages20/03/2020StatementBereavement damages
MPs and peers take up the call for bereavement damages reform16/07/2019Press releaseAccess to justice, Bereavement damages, Fairness for families
Small but significant step forward for bereaved people08/05/2019Press releaseAccess to justice, Bereavement damages
Compensation lottery for bereaved families11/04/2019Press releaseAccess to justice, Bereavement damages
Grieving relatives cruelly ignored by justice system27/04/2018Press releaseBereavement damages, Fairness for families, Fatal accidents, Workplace injury
Rapid resolution and redress scheme 28/11/2017StatementBereavement damages, Fairness for families
APIL's reaction to a court of appeal ruling in relation to eligibility for bereavement damages28/11/2017StatementBereavement damages, Fairness for families
Regional newspapers - Legal aid for bereaved families21/11/2017Letter to the pressAccess to justice, Bereavement damages
MP’s Bill seeks fairness for families13/10/2015Press releaseBereavement damages, Fairness for families
Bereaved NI families lose out in compensation ‘lottery’05/10/2015Press releaseBereavement damages
Bereaved families’ agony prolonged by probe delays10/09/2014Press releaseBereavement damages
Families of killed workers face unfair fight for justice28/04/2014Press releaseBereavement damages, Workplace injury
Judicial review opens route to justice for bereaved families11/04/2014Press releaseAsbestos, Bereavement damages, Workplace injury
Damages for bereavement a ‘postcode lottery’ say lawyers24/09/2013Press releaseBereavement damages
Grieving families left hanging on09/08/2013Press releaseBereavement damages
Grieving families must be fully aware of legal rights03/05/2013Press releaseBereavement damages

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