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Press room topic: Whiplash

Government washes its hands of injured people20/03/2018Press releaseDiscount rate, Motor insurance premiums, Whiplash
MoJ decides on April 2019 to implement whiplash reforms12/02/2018StatementSmall claims, Whiplash
RE: Whiplash and tax hikes blamed as car insurance rises by £100 in 3 years - Daily Mail (24 January)24/01/2018Letter to the pressSmall claims, Whiplash
Re: Bruising is the new whiplash - Daily Telegraph (24 January)24/01/2018Letter to the pressWhiplash
Kent roads have highest number of collisions, figures reveal13/12/2017Press releaseBack Off, Motor insurance premiums, Tailgating, Whiplash
Regional newspapers - Drivers urged to 'Back Off'11/10/2017Letter to the pressBack Off, Tailgating, Whiplash
Drivers urged to "back off"16/08/2017Press releaseBack Off, Injury Prevention Day, Tailgating, Whiplash
RE: Daily Mail article 'More Than boss blames fraudulent claims for rise of insurance premium' (3 August 2017) 03/08/2017Letter to the pressMotor insurance premiums, Whiplash
RE: Compensation culture is 'fault of lawyers' (The Times)12/06/2017Letter to the pressWhiplash
Motorists cheated by irresponsible claims reforms20/03/2017Press releasePrisons and Courts Bill, Small claims, Whiplash
Government's 'whiplash' reforms miss the mark, MPs told07/02/2017Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Injured people ‘victimised’ by Government reforms06/01/2017Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Lawyers condemn ‘excessive’ personal injury reform17/11/2016Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Whiplash reforms 'set aside'13/10/2016Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Government bid to end 'trivial' injury claims "utterly groundless"04/05/2016Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Motorists at mercy of insurance industry 'smokescreen'18/04/2016Press releaseMotor insurance premiums, Small claims, Whiplash
Insurance tax increase sells injured motorists down the river, say lawyers16/03/2016Press releaseMotor insurance premiums, Small claims, Whiplash
Drivers urged to "back off" on Injury Prevention Day19/08/2015Press releaseBack Off, Injury Prevention Day, Tailgating, Whiplash
Response to ministerial statement on tackling unjustified personal injury claims15/06/2014StatementWhiplash
Solution to whiplash injuries lies in motorists’ behaviour, say lawyers19/11/2013Press releaseBack Off, Road Safety Week, Tailgating, Whiplash
Motorists urged to “back off” in new campaign to prevent whiplash injuries23/09/2013Press releaseBack Off, Tailgating, Whiplash
Lawyers welcome truth to whiplash debate31/07/2013Press releaseMotor insurance premiums, Whiplash
Lawyers challenge whiplash ‘propaganda’ as claims fall25/04/2013Press releaseWhiplash
Injury claims plans allow insurers to call the shots13/03/2013Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash
Whiplash ‘could be the new PPI’, lawyers warn11/03/2013Press releaseCan the Spam!, Cold calling, Whiplash
Small claims court could ‘grind to a halt’ under Government proposals11/03/2013Press releaseSmall claims, Whiplash

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