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22 June 2023

Injury Awareness Week 2023 to shed light on scale of negligence

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Injury Awareness Week (26-30 June) is a few days away and the event is already gaining support from parliamentarians.

APIL is calling on members to get involved too.

This year, the association has commissioned exclusive research from YouGov to establish the scale of injuries caused by negligence in the UK. 30,000 people each week, on average, believe to have been injured by negligence.

There will be lots of content on APIL’s social media channels over the week for members and their firms to share, and as always members are encouraged to partake in their own injury awareness activities as well.

APIL will share content to educate the public about the difference between injuries caused by negligence and those which are the result of accidents. Content includes this new blog by APIL chief executive Mike Benner for Injury Awareness Week 2023.  

The easiest way in which APIL members can support Injury Awareness Week is by sharing the blog, either on their websites or on social media. 

Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) have already backed APIL’s event. A motion submitted by Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party MSP Alexander Stewart welcomes Injury Awareness Week as an “initiative to raise further awareness of the risks and potentially serious outcomes as a result of the negligence of others”.

Douglas Ross, Leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party is among a cross-party group of MSPs who have supported the motion, which also includes Scottish National Party, Scottish Labour, and Scottish Green MSPs.

Remember, use and follow #IAWeek2023 on social media. You can find Injury Awareness Week and other APIL campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.    

New expert directory soon

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The latest APIL expert and rehabilitation services directory is due to be published in July.

Members will soon receive the latest edition of the directory with a wealth of resources, including around 480 experts, rehabilitation service providers, and useful contacts for organisations.

To opt out of receiving a hard copy, log in to the APIL website, go to the my details section, and click on subscriptions. You will still have access to the online, members only, expert searchable database if you choose to opt out of a printed copy.

Any members wishing to advertise in the publication should contact Sharon Smith, APIL’s membership and accreditation manager, at [email protected], no later than 30 June.

APIL backs careful approach to AI

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APIL has called for a focus on appropriate routes to redress for injuries involving artificial intelligence (AI) in a response to a white paper from the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

In the response, submitted Tuesday (20 June) APIL recognised the need for the law and regulators to adapt to new technological advancements.

APIL supports AI where its safety risks are properly understood, monitored, and the routes for redress are appropriate should harm occur. APIL warned against the white paper’s focus on the commitment to make the UK the leader for businesses developing and using AI at the apparent expense of appropriate safety monitoring and routes to redress.

APIL suggests that the Consumer Protection Act 1987 (CPA) should be updated based on the new EU AI Liability Directive and the revised EU Product Liability Directive. This is an opportunity for the UK to go further than the directives in ensuring that consumers are protected, in relation to both AI and non-AI products.

Read the full response here.

Online conversations this week

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