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Rehabilitation is designed to help injured people regain the closest possible level of mental and physical ability which the person possessed prior to being injured. Rehabilitation may therefore be of significant benefit to injured people and for this reason APIL members should consider whether it is appropriate in every case.

Arranging for an injured person’s rehabilitation needs to be assessed, met and paid for is not always easy. A co-operative relationship with insurers in dealing with rehabilitation is ideal but sometimes not possible, and choosing who to provide assistance for your client is increasingly difficult in a growing but largely unregulated industry.

There are a number of sources of information which may assist members navigate their way through the issue of rehabilitation. The UK Rehabilitation Council has developed standards for rehabilitation providers, along with guides to choosing a provider for both professionals and clients. The 2007 Rehabilitation Code was drafted to assist in discussions with insurers, and the 2008 APIL Best Practice Guide provides a guide to the process of arranging rehabilitation.

There are also a number of professional associations which often provide standards for their members (who are rehabilitation providers), to subscribe to which may assist members in choosing a provider.

This section of the APIL website is designed to bring all the useful and current resources regarding rehabilitation together in one place. Relevant links and documents will therefore be posted here.

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