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The MIB's new liability - Farrell v Whitty (webinar)

All levels - 1 hour

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

10th October was Judgment Day for the MIB!

The European Court of Justice has delivered a truly landmark ruling that every personal injury practitioner needs to know about. 

The webinar will explain why the MIB is liable to compensate victims of road and other motor accidents that fall through the gaps in cover provided by the Road Traffic Act 1988. This includes liability for:

  • Accidents caused vehicles on private land – car parks, pull-in’s, driveways etc
  • Accidents caused on public or private land by motor vehicles that are not subject to compulsory insurance – from segways to quarry dumpsters
  • Accidents caused by mechanical and software defects not attributable to the user’s personal liability

The ECJ ruling in Farrell v Whitty 2 opens up a completely new raft of profitable claims based on the wording of the Motor Insurance Directive, as opposed to the Road Traffic Act 1988 or the MIB Agreements.

The webinar will cover:

  • The case facts in Farrell
  • The ruling and relevant EU law in a nutshell
  • What UK case law is obsolete
  • How to plead these directly effective rights under this doctrine in your local court
  • The effect of Brexit


1 person: £55 + VAT  |  2 - 6 people: £95 + VAT  |  7 people or more: £150 + VAT

Watch live or later

We encourage all attendees to watch the webinar live - this gives people the opportunity to ask questions and participate in polls.

All people registered for the webinar will automatically be emailed details to view the online recording following the webinar, whether you view live or not. Recordings are available to view for up to six months.

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