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Risk assessments and personal injury claims: A “blueprint for action” (webinar)

All levels - 1 hour

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“Risk assessments are meant to be an exercise by which the employer examines and evaluates all the risks entailed in his operations and takes steps to remove or minimise those risks. They should be a blueprint for action. I do not think that Judge Cowell was alone in underestimating the importance of risk assessment. It seems to me that insufficient judicial attention has been given to risk assessments in the years since the duty to conduct them was first introduced."
Smith LJ in Allison v London Underground Ltd [2008] EWCA Civ 71

The recent case of a viola player recovering damages for damage to their hearing Goldscheider v The Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation [2018] EWHC 687 (QB) underlines the need for all personal injury litigators to be aware of the importance of risk assessments.

This webinar looks at:

  • The law relating to risk assessments
  • Risk assessments after the ERRA
  • Cases where the risk assessment has been vital to the result
  • The employer’s duties
  • The inadequate risk assessment
  • Risk assessments and occupiers’ liability (Powell -v- Watford Borough Council [2017] EWHC 2283)

It will provide guidance and details in relation to where and when risk assessments should be carried out and as to how practitioners can assess whether the assessments were adequate.

Extensive notes will be provided, with useful and practical links to guides and official publications in relation to risk assessments in key areas


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