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Legal training for medical expert witnesses 2020 (LIVE VIRTUAL EVENT)

This is a medical experts course appropriate for all medical consultants, GPs, psychiatrists and psychologists 

This course will include the latest case law developments on written questions to experts; covert recording of medical examinations; and why the expert in
Thimmaya v Lancashire NHS Foundation Trust (Reported 20th January 2020) was ordered to pay £89,000 in legal costs; plus the latest case on expert's duties: A v X, Y & Z (reported April 2020)

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) is pleased to announce a new live training event for medical expert witnesses, geared towards both claimant and defendant experts.

This course aims to deliver practical guidance to assist you in developing the skills and knowledge required to become a good expert.  It can serve as an introduction but also as a refresher, to improve your current skill-set.

Who should attend?

Medical professionals of all specialties who wish to become or who are already experts, reporting on issues of liability and condition and prognosis. 

New APIL experts: If you are not currently listed on APIL's expert directory, you will receive a complimentary enhanced listing after booking onto this course.

  • Session 1:
    The role, duties of solicitors to the court; the expert and their client
    The law and the role of expert evidence generally
    -   the skills needed
  • Session 2: Medico-legal reporting in injury claims
    -   in the context of the legal rules including the burden and standard of proof
  • Session 3:  Report writing 1 
    -   information and documents to expect from solicitors 
    -   experts’ duties
    -   background evidence disputed or agreed
    -   meeting and examining the claimant
    -   facts v opinion
  • Session 4: Report writing 2
    -   contents and format of report – with examples
    -   opinion issues (medical)
    -   opinion issues (causation)-   prognosis and future claims
    -   the use of textbook references and medical papers
  • Session 5:  How the report is used to evaluate the claim
    -   amending or altering your report
    -   changing experts and cases with experts of more than one discipline
    -   considering and responding to reports from the ‘other side’
    -   replying to written questions
    -   the fraudulent claimant - fraud/exaggeration and ‘functional overlay’
  • Session 6:  Court directions
    -   including joint expert discussions 
  • Session 7: Legal costs/costs budgets
    -   terms & conditions
    -   fees
    -   payment



There will be two further events geared towards non-medical experts which are currently under development

These events will be as follows:

24 November

- Non-medical experts - quantum - care, rehabilitation, architecture, employment, orthotics, prosthetics, language, accommodation and accountancy

9 December

- Non-medical experts - liability - engineers, accident reconstruction, forensics


Current APIL expert: £240 + VAT
New APIL expert: £315 + VAT (includes complimentary enhanced listing)