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Material contribution to injury - where are we in 2021?

Material contribution to injury - where are we in 2021?
All levels - 1 hour

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"A really good and understandable presentation of an area that I have never fully grasped!"

This webinar will explore when and how to establish causation on the basis of material contribution to injury and deal, amongst other matters with: 

  • When does the test of material contribution apply?
  • What makes a contribution to injury material?
  • Divisible and indivisible injuries
  • The origin of the law on establishing causation by material contribution
  • The development of the law from industrial disease to clinical negligence (and other) claims
  • The distinction between material contribution and material increase to risk
  • Are there now different ways of establishing causation?
  • Latest cases and developments in this area of the law


1 person: £65 + VAT
Small office (2 - 6 people): £105 + VAT
Large office (7 people or more): £160 + VAT
Whole organisation (All staff at all offices): £320 + VAT

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Live webinar
29 Oct 2021
12:00 - 13:00

On-demand recording
From 29 Oct 2021 to 29 Apr 2022