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Pension loss - what you really need to know in 2019! (webinar)

Pension loss - what you really need to know in 2019! (webinar)
All levels - 1 hour

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

This webinar, presented by knowledgeable experts Paul Rosson and Andrew Taylor, will cover:

  • A history of pensions in the UK
  • An explanation of the qualifying criteria for state pension and how to claim for lost benefits
  • An explanation of defined benefit pension schemes, including final salary and career averaging pension benefits which will include examples of how to calculate the benefits
  • An explanation of defined contribution pensions, including work placed pensions and NEST as well as employer sponsored defined contribution pension schemes and examples of how the calculate the benefits from these arrangements
  • Loss of dependency pension calculations
  • Benefits in kind
  • When to claim for pension loss
  • An explanation of the calculation approach
  • The use of a financial expert in a pension loss claim


1 person: £65 + VAT  |  2 - 6 people: £105 + VAT  |  7 people or more: £160 + VAT


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