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Winning the unwinnable motor claim (webinar)

Winning the unwinnable motor claim (webinar)
All levels - 1 hour

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On 5 June 2019 the Court of Appeal delivered a truly ground-breaking ruling in Motor Insurance Bureau v Lewis [2019] EWCA Civ 909.

The MIB faces a new contingent liability to compensate victims injured by motor vehicles in scenarios that fall outside the scope of the UK’s compulsory third-party motor insurance scheme.  

This ruling transforms the concept of the ‘RTA’ compensatory guarantee, that is such a critical factor in every motor claim; ‘RTA practice’ is now a misnomer. 

This webinar will provide a practical grounding in the new categories of motor accident claim this ruling has created, and explain:

  • Exactly what has changed and why?
  • Why there are now 5 compensatory guarantee mechanisms each with different rules
  • What new accident scenarios fall within the legal principles invoked
  • Which scenarios will survive a Brexit, as ‘Retained EU law’ 
  • Are these public law actions or personal injury actions?
  • How to invoke the MIB’s ‘emanation of the state’ status to challenge the MIB Agreements
  • Tactics and practical considerations when presenting these claims
  • When can we expect a new brace of MIB Agreements?

The webinar will be presented by Nicholas Bevan, an award-winning solicitor and senior APIL fellow, whose research and training over the past decade prepared the ground for the MIB’s new direct liability based on European law principles.

The webinar will, for the first time, also highlight grave deficiencies in the Supreme Court’s rulings in Cameron v Liverpool Victoria Assurance [2109] and Pilling v UK Insurance [2019] but a more detailed consideration may be covered in a later webinar, currently in preparation.


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