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What is the claims portal?

You may hear your lawyer say that your claim will be run ‘through the portal’. This is a secure online system which allows law firms and insurance companies to deal with claims in an efficient and timely manner. Provided that the insurance company accepts liability for your accident on behalf of its insured driver, and your claim is valued at £25,000 or less, then it qualifies to go into the portal.

The costs which are paid to the lawyers are fixed at a low sum which reflects the speed with which claims tend to progress.

The portal only allows registered law firms and insurers to access it, so that your claims details remain private. Claims management companies and individuals who are not registered cannot access in order to run claims.

Claims worth more than £25,000 or where liability is in dispute do not use the electronic claims portal and are likely to take longer to resolve.

A bit more detail:

The main entry criteria for portal cases are if you are involved in an accident which causes personal injury and it involves:

  • a motor vehicle

which takes place

  • on a road or other public place
  • in England or Wales
  • where the compensation is likely to be £25,000 or less

then your case can go into the electronic portal. If the insurance company denies liability for your injuries, then your case has to come out of the portal and may take longer to settle due to the additional work and evidence which will be needed to prove your claim.