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Your route to a quicker recovery

Your route to a quicker recovery


An accident is simply an incident which no-one could have reasonably foreseen and for which no-one should be held responsible. No-one will win a case against someone who they may think is responsible for an injury, if that injury has been caused by an accident.


Negligence is defined, in short, by whether you do something which you can reasonably foresee will injure someone else who is likely to be affected by your actions, or your lack of action.

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence there are a range of benefits available to you, in addition to much-needed medical treatment and financial redress.

APIL’s Think Rehab! campaign raises awareness among lawyers of care and rehabilitation facilities. APIL lawyers are committed to ensuring the injured people they act for make the best and quickest possible recovery after an injury.

APIL lawyers are the gateway to finding the care, financial help and benefits which will speed your recovery. They can help you to obtain the following from the negligent party or their insurers:

  • Upfront payments, e.g. taxis to hospitals
  • Domestic care
  • Equipment and adaptations to make your life easier, while you recover e.g. wheelchair, ramps at home
  • Early private medical treatment e.g. physiotherapy
  • Arranging flexible return to work
  • Retraining, if needed, which will give you access to future employment
Social security benefit advisers can also offer help and guidance – visit:

Medical health insurance

Health insurance can cover the cost of medical treatment, or pay a lump sum, in certain circumstances, or pay regular amounts during the period of your injury or incapacity.

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