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Road traffic accidents

Being involved in a road accident can be a difficult and distressing time. Road users have a responsibility to exercise caution and care for other road users when driving. If you have been involved in an accident where the other driver was fully or partially responsible - you can make a compensation claim.

If the driver of the vehicle which caused your injury was not insured, then a road accident claim can be made to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau, which acts as an ‘insurer of last resort’ for the victims of uninsured drivers.

APIL accredited injury lawyers will provide you with legal assistance if you have had a road accident. Accredited lawyers have satisfied APIL’s high standards of competence, providing evidence of their experience and expertise in progressing road accident claims. Always look for the APIL accredited logo on websites.

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All firms will probably provide the first half hour of your consultation free of charge, either by telephone or in person.


Claiming compensation following a road accident

If you have been injured following a road accident that was not your fault you should not feel embarrassed or reluctant about making a road accident claim. You have the right to seek compensation.

Road accident compensation should help to ease your suffering and help to restore your former quality of life as much as possible. It will also cover your losses, for example if you are unable to work.

No win no fee road accident claims

Previously referred to as no win no fee or CFA, a Conditional Fee Agreement is a written agreement whereby legal fees and expenses only become payable in certain circumstances. Your APIL accredited lawyer will explain to you what those circumstances are as they will depend on the type of agreement entered into.

How long do I have to make a claim after a road accident?

Usually, in order to make a claim, court proceedings will need to have been started within three years of the injury or knowledge of the illness. This time limit varies depending on the nature of the injury, where it happened, and who the claim is against.

Also, this does not apply to children who must make a claim before their 21st birthday or people suffering with mental incapacity.

There are other exclusions and your injury lawyer is best placed to advise you as to whether you can make a claim for your injury. We would suggest that you discuss your situation in detail with them. They will also advise you on how your claim will best be funded.

Can I claim for treatment and care costs following a road accident?

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence there are a range of benefits available to you, in addition to much-needed medical treatment and financial redress.

APIL lawyers are the gateway to finding the care, financial help and benefits which will speed your recovery. They can help you to obtain the following from the negligent party or their insurers:

  • Upfront payments, e.g. taxis to hospitals
  • Domestic care
  • Equipment and adaptations to make your life easier, while you recover e.g. wheelchair, ramps at home
  • Early private medical treatment e.g. physiotherapy
  • Arranging flexible return to work
  • Retraining, if needed, which will give you access to future employment

Why use an APIL road accident lawyer?

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers has over 3,500 members and is an independent, not-for-profit organisation fighting for the rights of injured people. APIL provides accreditation for lawyers who specialise in personal injury law and this accreditation shows that these lawyers have achieved high standards of expertise and competence. Our accredited lawyers are committed to attending legal personal injury training to keep their specialist personal injury skills up-to-date.

Only accredited injury lawyers specialising in road accidents are listed on this page.

It is strongly recommended that you should consult with two or three accredited injury lawyers before making a decision on who to instruct.