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Press room

APIL deals with the media on a daily basis, commenting on a variety of issues from legal reform to health and safety. We also run a SafetyWatch campaign which is designed to alert people, through the press, to potential hazards.

The press team aims to answer your query or provide you with a comment as quickly as possible. If we are unable to help, we will tell you, and try to point you in the right direction.

What we do for the media...

  • Set up interviews with our members, both nationally and locally
  • Issue press releases and statements
  • Provide general comment
  • Arrange comment pieces
  • Provide background briefings

Latest press releases

Government's 'whiplash' reforms miss the mark, MPs told APIL news
Dog attack victims deprived of justice APIL news
APIL news

People injured in traffic accidents are to be robbed of fair compensation in the deluded belief that insurance premiums will fall as a result, lawyers said in response to Government proposals for personal injury in its Prisons and Courts Bill unveiled by the Justice Secretary today.

“Data from the insurance industry* shows that since 2013, the annual cost of motor-related personal injury claims has fallen by £536million yet insurance premiums have continued to rise,” said Neil Sugarman, president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) a national not-for-profit group which represents injured people.

“Expensive motor repairs and repeated hikes in insurance premium tax are both major factors in the cost of motor premiums, yet the Government is fanatical about supressing the right to claim for legitimate injuries instead,” he said.


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Letters to the press

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Currently in the news

"Since reform to the personal injury system three years ago, insurers have saved a billion pounds yet premiums continue rise. Insurers reneged on their promise to pass on savings to consumers," said APIL president Neil Sugarman in response to insurer rhetoric in the Daily Mail about how much whiplash claims cost consumers through their premiums... "Cold calling for personal injury claims is exploitative, tasteless and intrusive," said Neil Sugarman. "Solicitors are not allowed to do it, for these very good reasons. But some claims management companies continue to hound people in this way and we want the Government to put a total ban on the practise"...

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