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Clinical Negligence Specialist application documents – for practitioners in Scotland

An Accredited Clinical Negligence Specialist is a person who has achieved APIL Senior Litigator status and who has demonstrated further competence in the specialist field of clinical negligence. He or she is able to manage and progress a clinical negligence case so as to establish, assert and enforce, in an effective and efficient manner, the rights of a client damaged or disadvantaged by clinical negligence. He or she is competent to take, without supervision, key decisions on accepting cases, assessing risks, evaluating offers and issuing proceedings.

Anyone wishing to apply to be an Accredited Clinical Negligence Specialist should read the guidance notes on assessment.

To apply for Specialist accreditation you must be individually accredited at the level of Senior Litigator or above.

For information about the Senior Litigator standard, please click here.

Do you meet both of the following criteria?

  • Concluded at least 36 clinical negligence cases, of which at least 18 will have been taken to a case management conference, and at least 3 will have been taken to a formal meeting of experts
  • Accrued at least 24 hours of accredited clinical negligence training in the last three years
Yes No

Download the Portfolio  document and complete the candidate sections.

Continue to gather clinical negligence experience and training. If you would like to discuss the Specialist criteria, please contact Holly Humphreys, Membership Development Officer, on (0115) 943 5400.


Do you have a qualified specialist assessor in-house? List of assessors

Yes No

Liaise in-house with your chosen assessor.

Contact Holly Humphreys, APIL, to arrange for an assessor to visit you: [email protected] or (0115) 943 5400.

The cost of the assessment is £450 (plus VAT if appropriate), payable directly to the assessor for their time. Any additional expenses to be agreed between the applicant and the assessor.

Yes Yes

Discuss each section of the Portfolio with assessor who completes the assessor sections.


Save or print a copy of the Portfolio to retain in-house. Delete the ‘case names’ column before printing/copying, signing and sending the Portfolio to APIL along with your training log for the last three years.


Clinical Negligence Specialist Standard 

Guidance notes for assessors and candidates 

Short note regarding portfolio completion post GDPR 

Expanded note regarding portfolio completion post GDPR