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Fellow application documents

Fellow kitemark

Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers is an experienced practitioner

  • who has a high level of technical expertise in personal injury law, including trial procedures;
  • who is competent in the management of a personal injury department; and
  • who is recognised by his or her peers as being in a position of professional and intellectual leadership in the field of personal injury law.

Become an accredited fellow in 5 simple steps

NB: Fellow level is only open to those who have already gained Senior Litigator status

Step 1
Download the Portfolio document and complete the candidate sections. (retain in-house).
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Step 2
Obtain a reference. Referees should refer to the Reference guidance.
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Step 3
Appoint an assessor. Who can be an assessor?
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Step 4
Discuss each section of the Portfolio with assessor who completes the assessor sections.
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Step 5
Save or print a copy of the Portfolio to retain in-house. Delete the ‘case names’ column from Part 1 before printing/copying, signing and sending the Portfolio to APIL along with your reference (unless sent by your referee under separate cover).

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