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Injury lawyer - Injury lawyer details for Dominic Moss

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About Dominic Moss

My name is Dominic Moss and I am very proud to be a Fellow of APIL. I have been working in the field of Personal Injury Law for 20 years and I set up my own multi discipline practice in 2003. Our Personal Injury side is called PIPLaw (click HERE for our web site)and over the years we have recovered many millions of pounds for injured people. I love my work and feel strongly about the social utility of what we do. It saddens me to see oursleves, as injury lawyers, portrayed as money grabbing, bad guys when we spend our days fighting large well resourced companies on behalf of our, often vulnerable, clients. When not at work I have a family, who are very nearly all grown up, and who I love very much. I enjoy the seaside, skiing and hugging our Boxer dogs.  

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