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About Ginny Newman

Hi - I specialise in employer liability claims - injuries at work of all types -  including industrial disease claims, and occupier liablity accidents, particularly including slips and trips in shops.  I acted for union members for a long time and I have a strong conviction to get results. 

I also head the disease team at Pabla + Pabla. 'Disease' claims is an awful term  - it can involve very serious conditions life threatening conditoin, such as cancer from asbestos or other exposure, or less  serious conditions, and sometimes relatively minor conditions,  resulting from exposure to the particular chemical or substance at work. Disease cases need very specialised preparation with specially trained lawyers - it is dangerous to instruct someone who 'dabbles'. 

'Disease' also covers noise induced hearing loss and hand arm vibration syndrome / vibration white finger.  Sometimes the effect of these is relatively minor  - if they have been diagnosed  at all - but sometimes they cause major problems and have a very restricting effect on the sufferer. 

'Disease' also covers repetitive strain type injuries - most lawyers hate these! but I have a very good record and enjoy the challenge of them. They are claims where the client must be able to give a good amount of detail. Otherwise it can be hard to show that what they were asked to do was excessive under the law at the time. 

In an earlier life a long time ago I worked in retail management which is an excellent background to argue for claimants injured in shops. My best success in that area was  the case of Palfrey v Morrisons, which went to the Court of Appeal where we won both on our own appeal and on the other side's appeal.  Result!! 

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