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Injury lawyer - Injury lawyer details for Helen Grady

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Asbestos related diseases
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About Helen Grady

I have been acting for people diagnosed with mesothelioma for over 22 years.  Over the years, I have worked at different mesothelioma practices and have taken their best practices, combined these with my own best practices from experience and those of Simpson Millar.  I am from Bristol and have acted for many people from the area, including family members who worked at major companies in Bristol.  I act for people from the Bath, Cheltenham, Yeovil, Taunton, North Devon, Torbay, Exeter and Cornwall areas and find that many of my clients have often worked for the same local employer and can help each other.  I have regular local legal surgeries for my clients who have other legal problems to be resolved following on from their mesothelioma diagnosis, such as free Wills, Powers or Attorney and other problems they may have that need resolving.  I am from a Legal Aid/trades union background and happily provide a great deal of pro bono legal help and advice, including Blue Badge and all state benefits associated with an asbestos illness diagnosis.  I provide specialist help and guidance for many mesothelioma sufferers who are also full time carers to a disabled spouse and I have been able to help with local authority sheltered accommodation/home adaptations/private care, so that my clients do not have this additional worry.  I have active involvement with many mesothelioma sufferers who have private treatments for their cancer that are not available on the NHS. I have acquired the requisite experience over a long period of time to be able to help people track down their past exposures, as often people cannot remember being exposed to asbestos dust and often at the end of our consultation/internet research; I have uncovered multiple past exposures.  I regularly help people with Veterans Agency applications, State Benefits, Scottish jurisdiction cases, overseas cases and low level exposure cases. Many of my clients are women from secondary exposure laundry/factory floor cases.

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Helen Grady
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Tel: 0345 357 9600 DD