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About James Gratton

I am the Head of the Personal Injury Department and I hold Senior Litigator accreditation with APIL. I have a background in industrial accident and disease work but now specialise in serious injury work, whether those injuries happen at work, in a traffic accident or on the street. As of September 2017, my current caseload includes three serious brain injury and two limb amputation cases, including one amputation case where I have recently secured £900K by way of interim payment in March 2017 and another where a payment of £700K was secured in July 2017. In both of those cases the Claimants will likely undergo pioneering osseointegration surgery on a private basis with one of the world's leading experts, arranged by me through the specialist experts that I regularly instruct. Those interim payments will permit the hiring of a case manager, a support worker and the purchase and adaptation of bungalow accommodation to make the lives of my injured clients and their families much easier. I recently settled (Christmas 2016) a brain injury case for £1.6M. I also deal with a small number of  cases where the injuries are not quite so severe but are still life changing for the clients involved, causing career change or loss, continuing pain and the need for ongoing care and assistance. I am assisted by a small team of very able and experienced staff. All lawyers in my department are members of APIL and the department has corporate APIL accreditation. My department also handles CICA claims, including several which will attract maximum awards and regularly conducts successful appeals of CICA low awards and of refusals to grant any awards. I have also recently settled a fatal accident claim for the husband and estate of an elderly lady who was knocked down and killed by a motor car whilst she was on a zebra crossing. I am content to take matters to trial an beyond in order to secure maximum compensation for my clients. Indeed in one of the amputation cases mentioned above, the matter proceeded to a full trial on liability which my client won to the tune of 90% of damages. He was found 10% to blame but that finding is subject to an appeal by me and permsission to appeal has been granted by the Court of Appeal, which appeal will be heard in February 2018. My department is known for taking difficult cases and going the extra mile. All injury work is undertaken on a no win, no fee basis.

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