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Joanne Candlish is Solicitor and Department Manager for Asbestos Disease at Your Legal Friend

Joanne is a senior litigator member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and is recognized within the legal profession as a leading light in asbestos litigation. During a career spanning over 25 years she has acted for numerous asbestos victims and their families and is known for her empathy, dedication and determination to secure justice for her clients. She specializes in mesothelioma and asbestos related lung cancer claims and has taken the fight for victims to the highest courts in the land.

Notable cases include representing one of the lead families in the landmark Supreme Court case known as the Employers’ Liability Trigger Litigation, which ruled that employers’ liability insurance was ‘triggered’ at the time of exposure to asbestos and not development of the disease. This decision protected the right to compensation for thousands of mesothelioma victims and many more victims of asbestos and other long tail occupational diseases.

She also represented a seriously ill  asbestos victim to a unanimous victory in the Court of Appeal in Sir Robert Lloyd and others against Hoey. The Defendants having appealed against  HH Judge Gore's decision that the case was not statute barred.

Joanne on behalf of the family of a deceased asbestos victim  worked alongside HM Coroner for Liverpool in the Judicial Review which challenged the HMRC’s policy decision not to disclose employment records to coroners and families in fatal disease cases. This successful challenge eventually led to the policy being overturned.

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