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Injury lawyer - Injury lawyer details for Oliver Collett

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Asbestos related diseases
Occupational disease/illness

Injury lawyer - senior litigator
Occupational disease specialist lawyer Asbestos disease specialist lawyer

About Oliver Collett

I have represented asbestos, silica and other occupational disease clients throughout Yorkshire and Humberside for over 15 years, having qualified in 2004.

I am a fully accredited specialist in my field, with a particular focus on Mesothelioma. I also have a long standing interest and specialist experience in pursuing silica related lung disease claims such as silicosis and silica-related lung cancer. 

My clients have varied from teachers to foundry workers and joiners to hospital workers. Sadly, asbestos disease does not discriminate between occupations and industries, leaving victims and their families to bear the consequences of the negligent and widespread use of a killer product.

I strive to uphold the principles of justice for workers’ rights and seek to achieve recognition of fault on the part of employers. No amount of money can turn back the clock, but bringing a Defendant to account for causing such an unforgiving disease is one positive step in an otherwise appalling situation.

At Irwin Mitchell, I am a Partner and lead the Leeds team of dedicated specialist asbestos and occupational disease lawyers whose primary aim is to provide expert legal advice, whilst at the same time providing a human support to clients facing a devastating situation. Nobody wants to be confronted by a lawyer in a suit at the best of times, so I consider it of vital importance that I make the process as informal, straight forward and stress-free as possible. I will always visit clients at their home and make sure they are at ease with what is involved in pursuing claims of this nature.

The wealth of experience and depth of knowledge within Irwin Mitchell’s long established national asbestos and workplace illness team means that I am always fully supported in delivering the highest level of service to our clients. The team collectively have been at the forefront of achieving landmark decisions, including achieving settlements to ensure the right of clients to access ground-breaking and ever-evolving treatments in Mesothelioma. I am also able to work closely with our Client Liaison Manager, who is a palliative occupational therapist, to assist clients with accessing support services and benefits.

I have worked for many years to support and campaign for the vital groups and charities that provide assistance and hope to asbestos sufferers. I regularly attend asbestos support groups and help raise awareness of organisations such as Mesothelioma UK, Mesothelioma Support Yorkshire (MESSY) and The June Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund. I am not adverse to getting my feet wet or pulling a muscle to fundraise for these wonderful causes, as past attempts at dragonboat racing have shown.

At a terrible time for people, I aim to achieve a successful outcome in the shortest time possible with the most amount of sensitivity.

Client feedback for Oliver:

"Excellent friendly, efficient, effective service. Oliver Collett was both compassionate and understanding towards my Mum throughout. Thank you!"

"Oliver was a thoroughly professional, highly qualified and specialised lawyer whose attention to detail and grasp of the wider issues were exemplary. It was a very sensitive time for us with my husband being very ill and I was comforted by the fact that Oliver took the strain off the situation by coming to visit us at home. If the burden of the process had been too heavy, my husband would not have had the time or energy. Although weaker in physical strength, my husband's mental faculties were acute and he immediately took to Oliver and he has high standards. We were pleased with the outcome and professionalism and would not hesitate to recommend Irwin Mitchell to others in a similar situation”

“When my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, we were told it was mesothelioma and was caused by his former employment. As such, we had to make a claim for compensation and were recommended to Irwin Mitchell. Oliver Collett, who was appointed to deal with our claim, treated us from the beginning with efficiency, calmness and thoroughness. He was very knowledgeable, having previously conducted claims against the same employer. He answered all our questions fully and we felt that we could trust him. After my husband's death, Oliver was very honest with me, showing sympathy and kindness. He was supportive throughout the process and thanks must go to him for bringing the claim to a satisfactory conclusion. I would have no hesitation in recommending Irwin Mitchell, and Oliver in particular, to anyone else who finds themselves in such a sad and overwhelming position.”

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Oliver Collett
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