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Injury lawyer details for Peter Brash

Injury lawyer - Injury lawyer details for Peter Brash

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Injury lawyer - senior litigator

About Peter Brash

I have been a solicitor with Grigor & Young LLP, based mainly in Elgin, since 1992. I have been a partner with the firm since 1999.

Delict (the area of law including personal injury) was my favourite subject at university in Edinburgh and I got the chance to see quite a lot of that type of work when I was doing my legal training with Balfour & Manson, also in Edinburgh.

When I came to Grigor & Young, I did a wide range of work, both court and non-court, while the amount of personal injury work we had gradually increased. By 2000, personal injury work was more than 50% of my workload and that has continued to be the case ever since.

My colleague, Marie Morrison (who has been with Grigor & Young since 2006), and I are both accredited by APIL as Senior Litigators and the Elgin branch of Grigor & Young has corporate accreditation from APIL. I am also accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a Specialist in Personal Injury Law.

There have been periods over the last 20 years when we have had personal injury work over most of the north of Scotland, including the islands. In more recent years, however, we have concentrated on trying to provide a service for local people in Moray, hoping to become the recognised personal injury specialists in our geographical area.

Our main aim is to help people make a full recovery, not only physically and mentally, but also in terms of compensation.

We do our best to ensure that clients keep 100% of their compensation. There are circumstances where we cannot guarantee that but, if there is a deduction from the compensation, it will generally be less than 20% of the compensation and, though we do not have detailed statistics, probably more than 90% of our clients keep 100% of their compensation at the end of a successful matter.

At the other end of the "success" scale, where a claim is unsuccessful for any reason, clients do not have to pay anything at all.

We will handle claims under "no-win-no fee", legal aid and legal expenses insurance.

As well as the Grigor & Young website, we also have a dedicated personal injury website under the trading name morayclaims.co.uk

APIL membership: Legal Practitioner  - What does this mean?

APIL accreditation: Senior Litigator

Other memberships: The Law Society of Scotland

Languages: German

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Peter Brash
1 North Street
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Tel: 01343 544077
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