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Injury Prevention Week | 2 - 6 August 2021

Injury prevention week

Exclusive YouGov research commissioned by APIL found that most people do not think about the safety of others. It is really disturbing to think that more than half of our neighbours do not seem to care if they injure us.

For the past 18 months we have all been asked to take extraordinary precautions to keep each other safe from coronavirus. You could be forgiven for hoping that the mindset of caring for others might extend beyond the pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of compensation claims were registered last year, meaning vast numbers of people were harmed needlessly, through the negligence of others, even when they could not go anywhere or do very much. Failure to look after other people can result in shattered lives, broken families, needless pain and suffering – all of which can be avoided.

This Injury Prevention Week, APIL is shining a spotlight on the need for people to take care of each other and use their common sense. We want everyone to play their part in preventing unnecessary injuries.

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