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Emmalene Bushnell

Emmalene is an experienced clinical negligence lawyer who joined Leigh Day in November 2004, having trained at Evill and Coleman (now Russell Cooke LLP).  She became a partner in April 2015.

Emmalene handles a wide range of cases, but has  particular interest in birthing and gynaecology claims arising out of cerebral palsy, third and fourth degree tears, shoulder dystocia, ectopic pregnancy, surgery and the use of tension-free vaginal tapes (“TVTS”). 

She also has an interest in infectious disease claims arising out of the failure to diagnose and treat tuberculosis, meningitis, Group B Streptococcus (in new-borns) and  leishmaniasis (a disease spread by the bite of a sand fly).

Emmalene’s recent settlements/admissions include:

  • Obtaining an admission of liability and compensation for a mother and father following the death of their five month son at Barnet Hospital who died less than 36 hours after being admitted for monitoring and weight gain after a failure by Barnet to recognise his deterioration and transfer him back to a paediatric cardiac unit.
  • Securing a six figure sum and apology for a young woman who suffered a delay in diagnosing and treating appendix resulting in significant injury including peritonitis, bowel perforation leading to an abscess, a stormy post-operative recovery, an incisional hernia, cosmetic problems and fertility problems arising out of additional adhesions as a consequence of the delay in treatment of peritonitis.
  • An admission of liability and compensation for the father and partner of  a 46 year old woman who sadly died from tuberculosis in a case where her GPs failed to refer and treat on going symptoms for a period of 12 months.
  • Obtaining an admission of liability, apology and compensation for a 39 year old women who suffered a ruptured uterus, postpartum haemorrhage and damage to her bladder after the birth of her second child.  Unfortunately, due to the nature of her injuries she had to undergo a hysterectomy and could therefore not have any further children.
  • Securing a six figure sum for a man who suffered a delay in diagnosis in treating his leishmaniasis for over an 18 month period,  which resulted in physical injury and him being made redundant from his position as an engineer since he was unable to travel abroad.

Emmalene is a member of the Law Society, Action against Medical Accidents (“AvMA”) and Association of Personal Injury Solicitors (“APIL”).  She accredited as a Senior Litigator of APIL and holds Law Society clinical negligence specialist lawyer accreditation status.