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Meera Lachani

Meera founded a Civil and Commercial dispute resolution consultancy providing affordable ADR solutions; a company through which Meera offers to act as an Independent Mediator and Trainer for organisations looking to strengthen their conflict resolution skills and build resilience in the workplace, in public office, and within communities. 

Meera most recently delivered a Masterclass on Personalised and Sympathetic Communication on the invitation of NHS Resolution to their claims teams providing them with the tools and knowledge to communicate more effectively in their roles.

Additionally, Meera’s comprehensive experience of acting as a Solicitor representing both Claimants and Defendants, in house and in private practice, provides Meera’s with an all-round perspective of the challenges, issues and demands of bringing and resisting claims.  Claimant experience Whilst at a Tier 1 Legal 500 firm, Meera represented individuals and groups, patients and consumers, in complex, multiparty and strongly defended litigation concerning personal injury, clinical negligence, product liability and consumer law matters. Meera fully recognises the range of perspectives and expectations of a patient and consumer. Meera is quoted in national papers in relation to consumer safety. Prior to this Meera worked at another Legal 500 firm conducting their own mixed caseload of Road Traffic Accidents, Employers Liability and Public Liability claims and assisted in high value brain and spinal injury cases. 


Meera recognises that each dispute is unique, and that effective facilitation requires flexibility and a true understanding of the key concerns at play. Meera encourages a collaborative way of thinking and is quick to recognise and defuse barriers to purposeful negotiations. Meera utilises Emotional Intelligence to add value and create a safe space where s/he can challenge perspectives, have difficult conversations and help each camp navigate with calm and confidence towards an outcome that works for everyone. 


“My client’s case was emotionally highly charged, Meera conducted the Mediation in an empathetic way which undoubtedly did a great deal to facilitate settlement. In particular Meera listened to what my client and I had to say and Meera’s sympathetic manner took a lot of heat out of a fraught encounter. The mediation was conducted very well.“ – Senior Counsel


Meera qualified as a Mediator in January 2018 with the London School of Mediation and is Accredited and Insured to Mediate Civil & Commercial disputes.  Meera achieved Litigator Accreditation in 2016 by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and qualified as a Solicitor in 2010 having achieved their professional and academic qualifications to practice at the College of Law and Queen Mary University of London, respectively.