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Training FAQs

Classroom and conference events

Training FAQs

APIL is a not-for-profit organisation which relies on its training income to fund the many other services that APIL provides.

Our courses have not increased in price for a number of years and we offer reduced rates for everyone employed within a corporate accredited firm. The subsidised member rate is substantially increased for those who are not members of APIL in the hope that they will join if eligible.

Without this income, APIL would not be able to lobby the Government and respond to consultations, thus fighting for the rights of injured people.

Training FAQs

APIL events need to be financially viable in order to run. In the past we have taken our training to the more remote locations and also delivered more training in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, due to the number of members in some areas it is unlikely that we shall have an attendance of more than 10, particularly with specialist training, and APIL cannot afford to run courses which are loss leaders. From time to time, we organises events at vastly reduced rates in order to meet the needs of the membership.

APIL has increased its webinar offering over the past couple of years and this is a growth area. We hope to deliver our training by webinar for our members who cannot get to our courses. APIL has also introduced a quarterly review, delivered by our president and chief executive, which is free of charge for APIL members and provides four hours of CPD annually. The quarterly reviews cover developments over the past three months and highlight forthcoming activity in cases of impending reforms and legislation.

For those members in firms that are close to other firms in the region, APIL will provide consortium training. Details on how this works can be found here:

APIL provides personal injury and clinical negligence update training for the more experienced practitioners. The PI updates run in the Spring and the Autumn, the clinical negligence updates usually run in May and June.

APIL also runs a number of specialist conferences covering particular areas of personal injury.

APIL is focussing on ensuring that there is adequate training for the more experienced practitioner. In addition to the annual advanced brain and spinal cord injury and clinical negligence conferences, APIL runs one day conferences in the specialist areas of abuse, military claims, and asbestos. This year we are introducing a conference covering accidents abroad and travel claims.

Courses are repeated according to demand and the courses covering brain injury and clinical negligence claims in particular are very popular. APIL runs personal injury updates twice a year due to this rapidly changing area of the law.


Yes, a system test link can be found on our website at

There are three prices for webinars.

  • Single delegate - £65 + VAT
  • Small office (2-6 people) - £105 + VAT
  • Large office (7 or more) - £160 + VAT

Anyone can claim CPD for webinars, however it is restricted to the number of people that the firm has paid for. For example, if you have paid for a small office booking, up to 6 people only can claim the CPD.

Yes, by viewing the online-recording, delegates are eligible to obtain the same amount of CPD as watching the live webinar (usually one hour)

Yes. You would need to pay if there is a difference in fees though.

Yes, we send this out within 2 hours of the live webinar ending. This is because it takes a little while for the recording to be processed.

Online recordings are priced at the same fee as live webinars. The online recording is sent via email along with a copy of the slides and can be viewed as many times as wished.

As long as you have access to the internet, speakers or headphones or alternatively a telephone, this is all that you will require. The details are sent upon registration.

The online recording doesn’t have an expiry date; however, we do suggest watching the recording within 6 months to ensure that the content is up to date at the time of viewing.

If there are people in different offices that want to view the webinar, it needs to be treated as 2 different bookings, almost as if the two offices are unrelated.

APIL will send a reminder of all the details on the morning before the event, along with the slides.

We recommend using speakers or headphones to listen to the webinar. However, a phone line will be set up so that delegates can listen to the audio broadcast over the phone. Details of this phone number and the event code will be sent in the final details email.

If you have clicked the link and nothing is happening, it could be due to a number of reasons:

  1. Your internet connection isn’t working
  2. You may have a yellow bar at the top of their browser window. If this is the case, you need to click on the yellow bar where you will be prompted to install “Active X”. You need to install this before the webinar will run.

Firstly, are you using speakers or headphones and is the volume turned up?

This is usually because the “Audio broadcast” box has been closed by mistake. To re-open this, please go to “Communicate” at the top of the Webex window and then click “Join Audio Broadcast”.

This is likely to be due to your internet connection either running slowly or having cut out.

We would suggest that you try to access a different web address ( for example. If this works, please shut down the webinar and try the link again.

If all else fails, you will receive a link to the recording for the bits that have been missed after the webinar.

Yes, by purchasing a link to any recording, you will also be given access to the audio only version (mp3). This is downloadable to your portable device