A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people
A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people

Hassam v Rabot – The Supreme Court Decision: Mixed Whiplash and Non-Tariff Injuries

All levels - 1 hour

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

The scheme introduced under the Civil Liability Act 2018 set out a tariff for whiplash injuries that applies in most cases. What it did not do is provide for how you value a claim where there is a whiplash injury and another type of injury.

APIL intervened in two cases Rabot and Briggs that made their way to the Supreme Court. Judgment was handed down on the 26 March 2024.

Join Brett Dixon, APIL Senior Fellow, who was directly involved in that intervention to for a rapid up to date look at the decision.

This webinar will cover:

  • What the problem is with the approach in the Civil Liability Act 2018
  • What cases does this cover?
  • What advice can you now give clients on valuations?
  • On a practical level how useful is the guidance?
  • Will this unblock the system?
  • Is this the final answer and what might the government do next?
    • The impact on the working of the OIC system
    • The Whiplash Tariff Review
    • The current political environment and mechanisms for change
  • Areas that remain
    • What was not before the court
    • Practical gaps in the guidance


1 person - member/accredited firm: £85 + VAT
1 person - non-member: £115 + VAT
Small office (2 - 6 people): £150 + VAT
Large office (7 people or more): £185 + VAT
Whole organisation (All staff at all offices): £375 + VAT


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09 Apr 2024

On-demand recording
From 09 Apr 2024 to 09 Oct 2024