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Why I became a personal injury lawyer

Ben Townsend

Ben Townsend

APIL Fellow

Stewarts, Leeds

"I have never wanted to work in any other area of law."

I have only ever worked in the field of personal injury, although I came to it by accident. When I left university, I needed to work in order to save for law school fees, which were expensive even back then. I decided it would be a good idea to try to find a legal role in Middlesbrough, as I could save more money if I lived with my parents. I applied to every firm in the town and the only firm that offered me a job was a small specialist personal injury and clinical negligence firm. After working for them as a paralegal, they offered me a training contract and later a role as a qualified solicitor. I have never wanted to work in any other area of law. I have always loved supporting clients who find themselves in the greatest need of help. I also find the challenge of pursuing these cases through the courts very intellectually stimulating. Since I started with Stewarts in 2004, I have acted almost exclusively for the most seriously injured clients with brain and spinal cord injuries. It is a great privilege to work in this field.

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