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Corporate accreditation

How to become an accredited practice

Please read the criteria and complete the application form. You can pay by cheque or request an invoice.

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How to become an accredited chambers

Please read the criteria and complete the application form. You can pay by cheque or request an invoice.

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This scheme allows an office or chambers to identify itself as accredited and use the APIL accreditation quality mark.

The accredited organisation must be an office open to the public, where an accredited lawyer can be consulted, and all legal work is undertaken by individuals working to recognised standards of competence.

Is your office eligible to hold corporate accreditation?

In order for a firm to hold APIL corporate accreditation, there must be at least 1 APIL accredited senior litigator or above for every 10 PI/CN fee earners within your office. For APIL purposes, a fee earner is anyone who has their own case load. If you require more information regarding becoming individually accredited with APIL, then please see individual accreditation.

APIL corporate accreditation is granted on an office by office basis and is valid for a period of 12 months. A renewal application form is then required at the end of your 12 months.

Please note, if an office holds both APIL corporate accreditation and APIL in-house accreditation, after holding both for a period of 12 months, one will become complimentary for you in forthcoming years.

The current price for corporate accreditation is £225.00 plus VAT. For a full list of the criteria and benefits of holding corporate accreditation, please see below.

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers - accredited practice         Association of Personal Injury Lawyers - accredited chambers

Accreditation is by individual office and there are four criteria for accreditation that must be satisfied in order to be granted corporate accreditation:

  • The organisation
  • Case management
  • Training and development
  • Personal competence

Features of corporate membership

  • Use of APIL’s accredited logo on business and marketing material, as defined within APIL guidelines
  • The opportunity to advertise your firm as "accredited practice, office or chambers" in your marketing
  • Substantially reduced training rates for all staff at the accredited office
  • Media advice
  • Accredited corporate membership certificate
  • Web link from the APIL website to individual APIL accredited office or chambers' website
  • Distribution of APIL branded material to CABx
  • The option to purchase personalised, promotional ‘guidance after injury’ leaflets along with corporate posters and window stickers
  • Complimentary management consultancy visits Site visits commenting on important issues surrounding your business and client care
  • Print advertising – both nationally and locally
  • Consumer focused activity including testimonials

Quality mark usage information

Accredited organisations and offices can use our official quality mark to promote their expertise in personal injury law. For full details on permissible usage please download our quality mark guidance.

For further information please contact Holly Louisa Humphreys: 0115 943 5422 or [email protected]

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