A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people
A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people

Individual accreditation

APIL accreditation provides a quality mark of competence and specialist expertise for solicitors and counsel dealing with personal injury claims. This quality mark helps the consumer to recognise expertise and specialisms within the profession. The accreditation scheme demonstrates that an APIL lawyer has achieved a specific standard.

The APIL accreditation scheme is built on standards of occupational competence. Standards of occupational competence are widely used in many fields of employment. They are based on an analysis of the main functions of a job, and state what it is the job holder must be able to do to perform effectively. That analysis enables an identification of the knowledge, understanding, know-how, skill and behaviour required for effective performance.

The standards are business tools, best used for developing staff, but can be used for recruitment and promotion. In APIL’s case the standards are being used as entry to the accreditation scheme and for the development of CPD training programmes.

Senior litigator quality mark Fellow quality mark Senior fellow quality mark Senior Counsel in personal injury quality mark

Accredited members can download the quality marks here.


Individual accreditation
Available to first time applicants Appear in the initial results of our Find an injury lawyer website search
Senior Fellow
Specialist accreditation
Corporate accreditation

The Portal claims handler and Litigator Standards are to be used as development tools for APIL members. When evidence satisfying all criteria for each particular standard has been provided, successful applicants will be issued with an APIL certificate of achievement.

Only Senior Litigators, Fellows and Senior Fellows are promoted to injured people and are eligible to apply for specialist or corporate accreditation. Accredited Portal claims handlers and Litigators aspiring to these levels should work through the Portfolio (with a view to upgrade) providing evidence of competence in each function as and when it is/becomes available.


Full information and guidance covering the three main levels of litigator, senior litigator and fellow can be found here: General guidance

Specialist accreditation

APIL has also developed competency standards for eight specialist areas – brain injury, clinical negligence, spinal cord injury, occupational disease, asbestos disease, accident & illness abroad, fatal accidents and military injury.

Accidents and illnesses abroad specialist lawyer Asbestos disease specialist lawyer Occupational disease specialist lawyer Spinal cord injury specialist lawyer Clinical negligence specialist lawyer Brain injury specialist lawyer Fatal accidents specialist lawyer Military Injury Specialist lawyer

These schemes are open to members holding Senior Litigator status (or above), with demonstrated competence in these fields. The schemes require assessment of an applicant’s work, by reference to cases handled, in a manner similar to that used in the schemes for general accreditation as Litigator, Senior Litigator and Fellow. The criteria for these specialist levels are over and above the criteria for general accreditation.

Further information, guidance, and the application documents for all the above specialist levels of accreditation can be found here - Brain Injury, Clinical Negligence, Spinal Cord Injury, Occupational Disease, Asbestos Disease, Accidents & Illnesses Abroad, Fatal Accidents and Military Injury.

Training requirements

Individually accredited members must accrue 16 hours of APIL accredited personal injury CPD training annually.

How to accrue your CPD

You can report CPD to APIL by completing your online training log or downloading a training log form.

Areas of work

Accredited members can amend their areas of expertise at any time through the members’ area of www.apil.org.uk by clicking on My details.


All individually accredited members need to revalidate their accreditation status. Revalidation of an individual’s accreditation status is required every 5 years. Full details can be found on the Revalidation for individuals page.

*Portal claims handlers do not appear in the online 'Find an injury lawyer' search.