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A not-for-profit organisation
committed to injured people

Insurance is vital if tattoos and body piercings go wrong

03 May 2024
APIL news

Dear sirs,

Tattoos, piercings, acupuncture, and electrolysis treatments in Wales are unregulated. This may be a surprise to many people, who would assume their practitioner needs specialist skills and expertise.

In a positive move, the Welsh Government is drawing up plans for mandatory licenses for the industry so the public can choose a practitioner with confidence.

But a licensing system must go hand-in-hand with practitioners having the correct insurance for the full three-year period of the new licenses. This way the public are protected if a treatment goes wrong.

It must be made clear to practitioners that if the correct insurance cover is not in place throughout the full three years, then their licence will be revoked.

Having the correct insurance will ensure customers scarred or left with infections due to negligent treatment are able to pursue a civil claim for compensation.

Afterall, no-one should ever treat themselves to a tattoo or body piercing and end up suffering a life-changing injury.

Pauline Roberts

Executive committee member for Wales

APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers)

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