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Benefits of accreditation

APIL accreditation provides a quality mark of competence and specialist expertise for solicitors and barristers dealing with personal injury claims. This quality mark helps the consumer to recognise expertise and specialisms within the profession. The accreditation scheme demonstrates that an APIL lawyer has achieved a specific standard. With accredited corporate and individual membership, you will:

"Thank you... I am pleased that people are using your specialist group to find accredited lawyers."
  • become linked to a major national information campaign, promoting the logo and directing the public to accredited APIL members, their organisation and offices
  • benefit from APIL’s supporting press and PR activity to support APIL’s national public information campaign
  • through APIL’s consumer website and advertising campaigns, receive independent recognition for you and your organisation’s:
    • expertise
    • competencies
    • high professional standards
    • high standards for client care
  • ensure your practice/chambers is clearly differentiated.

Using the quality mark/logo

Only corporate accredited members may use the accredited practice and accredited chambers quality marks:
Accredited practice Accredited chambers
The corporate accredited organisation or office may use the APIL logo, and the words ‘accredited organisation’ or ‘accredited office’ on letterheads, the company’s website, business cards, and in permitted print and media advertising in accordance with the APIL guidelines.

Individual logos are available for members who have achieved a certain accredited status:
Senior litigator Fellow Senior fellow
The logo must be placed near or within the members’ signature and only demonstrate that the individual is accredited and not the organisation.

Apply for accreditation

Apply for indiviual accreditation or apply for corporate accreditation.

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