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Motor liability update: Northern Ireland 2016

All levels - 6 hours

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

"Nick made a rather dry and technical subject understandable and, dare I say it, fun"

Presented by top speaker Nicholas Bevan, this comprehensive day will cover:*

Major reforms to motor insurers’ liability and MIB claims

The new Uninsured Drivers Agreement 2015: a job half done
  • Uninsured Drivers Agreement (Northern Ireland) 2002 due to be replaced
  • major beneficial procedural changes obscure numerous irregularities
  • still plenty of unlawful exclusions and restrictions, new terrorism exclusion
  • gaps in cover & worrying appeal procedure
  • legacy challenges
The Untraced Drivers Agreement (Northern Ireland) 2004
  • yet more revisions to shore up a fundamentally flawed and unfair regime
  • which provisions can be successfully challenged
  • MIB plans for a new agreement
Motor Insurer’s liability
  • Part VIII Road Traffic (NI) Order 1981 due for major rewrite, post Vnuk
  • flaws in the Rights Against Insurers Regulations 2002
  • misuse of art 98A declarations
  • The Deregulation Act 2015, making it easier to cancel policies
  • Insurance Act 2015, restricting insurers ability to avoid liability
  • Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2012
  • the case for wider reform
Why a working knowledge of European law is essential
  • EU law bright line standards of minimum compensatory protection made simple
  • raising successful legal challenges
General liability update
  • important Supreme Court clarification on contributory negligence
  • standards of care: children, pedestrians, emergency vehicles
  • continued use and misuse of ex turpi causa
  • Highways Act claims
  • primary liability scenarios
  • credit hire and repair claims
  • accidents abroad in Europe


Corporate accredited firm: £200 + VAT
APIL member: £235 + VAT
Non-member: £340 + VAT

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