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RE: Daily Mail 'Crash payouts for UK drivers are 17 times higher than other nations'

06 Jul 2017
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Re: Daily Mail article ‘Crash payouts for UK drivers are 17 times higher than other nations’ (6 July 2017)


When someone suffers life-changing injuries at the hands of someone else who should have known better, why should the taxpayer, through the State, have to pick up the tab for the injured person’s care?

Everyone is accountable for their actions and should make good where they have caused harm. They do this through their insurance company because that is what we all pay insurance premiums for. That is the purpose of insurance.

Compensation payments for catastrophic injuries have been calculated wrongly for many years, to the benefit of insurance companies which have quietly salted away the money. The error has now been corrected. It is the choice of insurance companies whether they prioritise the profit of their shareholders or pass on the cost to their customers through premium price hikes.

Brett Dixon



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