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RE: Compo culture - The News (Portsmouth) 14 December

15 Dec 2017
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Anyone who is injured because someone else did not take, or could not be bothered to take, proper care is entitled, by law, to have his life restored as far as possible to where it was before the needless injury.

An anecdote about a compensation claim never conveys the full story or the pain and treatment required to put right the injury that should never have happened in the first place. If a claim is without merit, there are checks and balances in our justice system which ensure that the claim does not succeed.
What we really need is the promotion of a greater understanding of the difference between a mishap, for which there is no right to claim, and negligence. The so-called “compensation culture” is a myth that needs to be busted. A series of independent investigations conducted on behalf of the Government have found that it is a perception, not a reality. 

Brett Dixon
APIL President

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