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Accidents at work 2018

All levels - 6 hours

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

This course presented by Cenric Clement-Evans and APIL president, Brett Dixon carries on from the success of the previous series and will cover all the latest cases, and provide a full update on developments in statute and regulations affecting this area.

The course will be visiting 7 locations nationwide and the day will be packed with up to date material including:

Masterclass in running employers liability cases post Enterprise Act

  • Where have we got to?
  • What are the best ways of pleading and running your cases?
  • Regulations still matter

PTSD and psychiatric harm in an employers liability context

  • Damages issues where the harm was caused by the employers behaviour subsequent to the incident
  • Investigation of unfounded complaints and the effect on the individual of the process

The latest on vicarious liability from the Supreme Court

  • What features are needed in a quasi-employment relationship to establish vicarious liability?
  • What level of control is sufficient?

More on vicarious liability

  • How broad is the sufficiently close connection test?

What is a workplace and what is work equipment?

  • The domestic premises exclusion in the Workplace, Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992
  • Does repairing a piece of equipment bring it within the definition of work equipment?
  • The role of risk assessment in winning cases both pre and post Enterprise Act

Causation in cases of alleged poor maintenance

  • How causation works in cases of alleged poor maintenance

Hindsight and contributory negligence

  • How contributory negligence works
  • The difference between contributory negligence and momentary inadvertence

Risk assessment and manual handling

  • When is the risk sufficient to require an employer to carry out a manual handling risk assessment?
  • The status of the HSE guidance on weights and risk

Risk assessment in a business and the interaction with persons other than employees

  • Use of the employers liability regulations to plead other types of cases
  • When is a failure to risk assess causative?

Fire safety in construction

  • An update on fire safety in construction

Contributory negligence, apportionment and statutory duties

  • Causative potency and relative blameworthiness
  • The importance of pleading statutory duties in this context

TUPE transfers

  • Contingent liabilities – where the danger is created pre-transfer and eventuates post transfer

Vnuk in a workplace context

  • When will compulsory motor insurance cover a vehicle being used solely for work

The moving law on what is an actionable injury

  • What is needed
  • Asymptomatic physiological changes
  • The role of loss of amenity
  • Where next?


Corporate accredited firm: £205 + VAT
APIL member: £240 + VAT
Non-member: £355 + VAT

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