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UK Insurance v Pilling - Landmark Court of Appeal ruling on scope of TP motor cover (webinar)

All levels - 1 hour

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

Why this Court of Appeal ruling is important:

  • Section 145 Road Traffic Act 1988 imposes compulsory motor insurance to cover liability ‘arising out of, the use of the vehicle on a road or other public place’, without defining what is meant by ‘use’.  This has generated an extensive body of case law and a good deal of confusion.  
  • UK Insurance v Pilling [2017] EWCA Civ 259 featured a car that burst into flames whilst undergoing repairs at its owner’s place of work; destroying the premises in the process.  Was such ‘use’ covered by section 145, notwithstanding the policy terms?  
  • Motor insurers routinely restrict cover to specific types of use to exploit the additional defences available under the Uninsured Drivers Agreements 1999/2015 including exclusions of credit hire and subrogated claims.  

This webinar will focus on:

  • The UK Insurance decision and the other UK authorities what is meant by ‘use’ 
  • Which authorities are overruled by UK Insurance
  • How this case fits in with the landmark ECJ ruling in Damijan Vnuk in 2014 

It will also provide a brief update on;

  • The government’s consultation on Vnuk (closed 31 March 2017)
  • The European Commission’s latest proposals to limit the scope of Vnuk
  • The Vehicle Technology and Aviation Bill 2017
  • The likely implications of Brexit in 2019 on the future scope of section 145  


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Watch live or later

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