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Essential accidents at work cases 2017 (webinar)

All levels - 1 hour

(Please note that the number of CPD hours may be subject to change)

Join JPIL editorial board member and APIL President Brett Dixon for a look at the important cases of the year in this important area of work.

All the information on those cases that you need to win yours.

Topics covered include:

  • Vicarious liability
    •    Have things moved on since the Supreme Court decisions of Mahmoud v Morrisons  and Cox v MOJ
    •    Assaults
    •    When is something closely connected to the work of an employee?
    •    What factors will a court look at in considering whether a defendant is vicariously liable?
  • Work Equipment
    •    Ladders
    •    Control of work and work equipment
  • Risk assessment and duty of care
    •    Confirmation from the court of appeal of risk assessment at common law
  • Supervision
    •    What is required
    •    What is adequate
  • Dynamic risk assessments – do they exist and what are they?


1 person: £55 + VAT  |  2 - 6 people: £95 + VAT  |  7 people or more: £150 + VAT

Watch live or later

We encourage all attendees to watch the webinar live - this gives people the opportunity to ask questions and participate in polls.

All people registered for the webinar will automatically be emailed details to view the online recording following the webinar, whether you view live or not. Recordings are available to view for up to six months.

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